About Us

Ethical  |  Inclusive  |  Sustainable

We believe ethically grown and locally sourced ingredients that are 100% natural should be standard practice, rather than a rare exception.  We work hard every day to ensure that your food is made with healthy ingredients of the highest quality - the same standards we insist on for our own families.  

We insist that a chef designed menu should feature scratch made items that are equally approachable for any customer, regardless of any dietary restriction.  Rest assured that all allergy concerns are addressed, and our rapidly changing menu is ALWAYS exciting for vegetarians and carnivores alike.

Responsible use of plant based, eco friendly, and recyclable materials is an important goal for all of us, especially in the service industry.  When possible, we use recycled & renewable materials for food storage onboard the truck.  We proudly use World Centric brand disposables that are 100% compostable.

Interested in Catering?

The Traveling Pig offers a variety of specialty catering services ranging from the foodtruck's famous sandwiches, to appetizers, fresh salads, pastas, and of course roasted pork.  Traveling Pig catering is well suited for family dinners, workplace lunches, and events up to 40 people.

For corporate lunches, we offer a special menu and payment system that allows for tickets to be distributed amongst employees and redeemed for a meal of their choosing.  Orders are taken individually to ensure each person receives the food they choose at the time they prefer, but the bill is consolidated to a single ticket that can be paid via credit card or invoiced as needed.  

Please contact us to see if food truck catering is right for your upcoming event.  Our ability to literally bring the kitchen with us presents a number of problem solving opportunities not available to traditional caterers.

PORCHETTA  [ Por-keh-tah ]  Savory & Moist Pork Roast of Italian Culinary Tradition